Thursday, May 5, 2016

Madison and UW

One of the major airports in Wisconsin is located in the capital in Madison, Wisconsin. In Madison, the University of Wisconsin takes up most of the city enrolling about 30,000 people. Sometimes when I fly to Wisconsin to visit my cousins, I often spend a couple days in Madison and enjoy the college town. My favorite part about Madison is Camp Randle. This is the stadium where the Wisconsin Badgers football team plays. This stadium is one of the loudest and filled stadiums in all of college football. I really enjoy watching badger games in Camp Randle because it was always my dream to play for the badgers football team. Unfortunately, i was not able to get recruited by the badgers but i will still always be a fan. Recently my brother Chris took a job in Madison working as a medical salesman. This gives me the opportunity to visit Madison more and enjoy the college town and especially the badgers play next season.

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