Thursday, April 21, 2016

What Happens In July

July is the biggest month of the year for me. On July 14th I leave to college and start summer workouts for football. I am going to move into a dorm and start an important part of life. College is going to require a lot of hard work especially because I am fighting for a spot on the team. Workouts are going to last through the rest of the summer and it is very important that I show I can power through them. Also, depending on how I play once we get out on the field, will determine if I will red-shirt my first season or dress out and play my freshman year. I hope my talents are good enough to show that i can play my freshman year and compete. Red-shirting isn't such a bad idea because it gives me the opportunity to play an extra season. For example, even if I am given a jersey to dress out on game days, but not getting much playing time, i could just give it to another player and  red-shirt the season instead of dressing out so i can get an extra season. However, it all comes down to how i play at the college in July.

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