Friday, April 1, 2016

Summer 16

The trip is finally official! My cousin Tom finalized the payment for a mansion on Green Lake in the summer of 2k16. We have the house for two weeks following the weekend of July 4th. The house has 20 rooms and and can fit all 22 Pierce members. It is required for all Pierces to attend this vacation for at least one day. If anyone from our family is unable to attend the lake house, then the trip is off. Green Lake is such a cherished and memorable town for the Pierces because it gives us all the opportunity to unite as a family and do the things we love to do. My cousin Tom has reserved two boats for the vacation which i expect to spend all my time on. One of the boats is a pontoon boat which we just hangout and relax on. The other boat is a wake board boat which we use to water ski and wake board.

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