Monday, May 16, 2016

walleye weekend

I was recently informed about an event happening in Fond du Lac Wisconsin called Walleye Weekend. This is happening during the weekend of June 12. Walleye Weekend is a fish tournament on the lake to catch as many walleye as possible. The winner gets a big cash prize but not everyone is in it for the fishing.

My dad has told all the guys in the Pierce family and about 6 of us have confirmed. We've decided to split the cost in a house on the lake so we can enjoy the weekend event. At walleye weekend we will listen to live music, eat great seafood, drink a lot of good drinks, and hangout by the lake. Im excited for this because this will be my first year at walleye weekend because i am now 18 and legally allowed in. Ive heard great stories of walleye weekend and i can't wait to experience it for myself!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summers Approaching

The seasons are a big determinant on when most people want to visit Green Lake. It is common to find much more people in Green lake during the summer time. This is because winter takes away most of the outdoor enjoyments and makes it a little less pleasant. On the hand, when summer arrives, people visit from all around the country and Green Lake Campground becomes the town's summertime hotspot.  

As May comes to an end, the annual summer campers begin to pack their items and station themselves at their camp sites. Opening Day is always a big day for the campground because the annuals return and many new campers come to enjoy their first summer at the campground. The kids immediately go play in the pools and the put put course while the adults play golf or drink at the bon fires. You see people walking through the streets and catching up with their campground neighbors and friends. This year Im not visiting until July, but ill still be super excited to run out in the campground and say hello to all my old friends. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Madison and UW

One of the major airports in Wisconsin is located in the capital in Madison, Wisconsin. In Madison, the University of Wisconsin takes up most of the city enrolling about 30,000 people. Sometimes when I fly to Wisconsin to visit my cousins, I often spend a couple days in Madison and enjoy the college town. My favorite part about Madison is Camp Randle. This is the stadium where the Wisconsin Badgers football team plays. This stadium is one of the loudest and filled stadiums in all of college football. I really enjoy watching badger games in Camp Randle because it was always my dream to play for the badgers football team. Unfortunately, i was not able to get recruited by the badgers but i will still always be a fan. Recently my brother Chris took a job in Madison working as a medical salesman. This gives me the opportunity to visit Madison more and enjoy the college town and especially the badgers play next season.