Monday, May 16, 2016

walleye weekend

I was recently informed about an event happening in Fond du Lac Wisconsin called Walleye Weekend. This is happening during the weekend of June 12. Walleye Weekend is a fish tournament on the lake to catch as many walleye as possible. The winner gets a big cash prize but not everyone is in it for the fishing.

My dad has told all the guys in the Pierce family and about 6 of us have confirmed. We've decided to split the cost in a house on the lake so we can enjoy the weekend event. At walleye weekend we will listen to live music, eat great seafood, drink a lot of good drinks, and hangout by the lake. Im excited for this because this will be my first year at walleye weekend because i am now 18 and legally allowed in. Ive heard great stories of walleye weekend and i can't wait to experience it for myself!

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