Thursday, April 21, 2016

What Happens In July

July is the biggest month of the year for me. On July 14th I leave to college and start summer workouts for football. I am going to move into a dorm and start an important part of life. College is going to require a lot of hard work especially because I am fighting for a spot on the team. Workouts are going to last through the rest of the summer and it is very important that I show I can power through them. Also, depending on how I play once we get out on the field, will determine if I will red-shirt my first season or dress out and play my freshman year. I hope my talents are good enough to show that i can play my freshman year and compete. Red-shirting isn't such a bad idea because it gives me the opportunity to play an extra season. For example, even if I am given a jersey to dress out on game days, but not getting much playing time, i could just give it to another player and  red-shirt the season instead of dressing out so i can get an extra season. However, it all comes down to how i play at the college in July.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Maxene and the Chipmunks

My uncle Ron is super cool. Everyone in and around Green Lake knows Ron and have legends about him and his dog. He lives in a neighborhood home with his wife Jackie, and two kids, Sean and Alacia, and dog Maxene. Ron used to be a serious hunter in the Green Lake woods and has taken down some of the area's biggest bucks. Maxene (we usually call him Maxy) was always Ron's hunting partner and helped with the majority of Ron's kills. Besides hunting birds and deer, Maxy was extremely good at controlling the chipmunk problem in the backyard.

When I'm not able to go to the woods at 5 a.m. I can be found in the bushes of Ron's house hunting chips. The chips dig through my uncle's yard  making holes and destroying the grass. So, I become Maxy's assistant and we strategize how to find and kill the chips. I use a pump BB Gun and pop the chip as soon as i have sighting. Next, Maxy sprints at the chip and grasps it with its jaw before it limps down its hole. Once Maxy delivers me the dead chip, i toss it in the meadow so it wont smell up the yard. 

Summer 16

The trip is finally official! My cousin Tom finalized the payment for a mansion on Green Lake in the summer of 2k16. We have the house for two weeks following the weekend of July 4th. The house has 20 rooms and and can fit all 22 Pierce members. It is required for all Pierces to attend this vacation for at least one day. If anyone from our family is unable to attend the lake house, then the trip is off. Green Lake is such a cherished and memorable town for the Pierces because it gives us all the opportunity to unite as a family and do the things we love to do. My cousin Tom has reserved two boats for the vacation which i expect to spend all my time on. One of the boats is a pontoon boat which we just hangout and relax on. The other boat is a wake board boat which we use to water ski and wake board.