Friday, February 19, 2016

Around Town

Besides the small town of Green Lake, the state of Wisconsin has many others great attractions in and around the state. Almost every time I fly to Wisconsin, I always visit Green lake to see my extended family and friends. Unfortunately, Green Lake does not have an airport and the biggest and busiest airports closest to Green Lake is either the Milwaukee or Chicago airport. I actually enjoy arriving in these cities because they are big and have many things to do. Fortunately, i have extended family living in Milwaukee also which helps because Milwaukee has some of the greatest food in Wisconsin. I especially love how they always take me to these low-key fire restaurants. Flying into Chicago is also pleasurable because it is on of the biggest cities in the country and has many attractions such as the Willis (Sears) Tower, Chicago pizza, and world famous Linkoln Park Zoo. As you can see, flying to Wisconsin is my favorite vacation because I also get to visit other places many people would dream to visit to. I hope to visit God's Country before the summer begins and maybe take a drive around all the attractions near Green lake like the cities of Chicago or Milwaukee. 

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  1. Sounds like an interest place! I think I will decided to travel there one day.