Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brutal Cold

One of the many reasons I love the state of Wisconsin is because of its dramatic seasonal weather change. The Spring is easily everyones favorite time of the year when it just starts to warm up and all the green and life comes back to nature. The summer can be as hot as Miami reaching temperatures off 100 degrees.  The fall gives the prettiest and most colorful changes in the leaves and forests. Honestly, the views from the hilltops and big lakes are the most scenic sights I've seen. But the winter is probably the toughest part of living in the state of Wisconsin. 

A cold winter day in the state of Wisconsin can reach below -10 degrees. Anyone that is not used to these temperatures will never step foot outside of a heated house. This is because once outside, your face becomes numb, your ears hurt more then ever, your toes feel as if they are falling off, and your hands are pretty much useless. However, if you were raised or lived around this type cold for a good amount of time, the feelings or effects of the cold don't affect you as much. In fact, their are many to do outside if you can withstand the cold. One of the most common things to do is gather around a bon fire and share stories and enjoy s'mores or drinks with friends or family. My family would do a bon fire at least twice a week which gets us together and helps us enjoy each other. 

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