Thursday, January 21, 2016

Buck City

Just in case you were not familiar to the exact location of "God's Country"most of the world knows it as the state of Wisconsin. Known for its whitetail deer, Wisconsin is believed to have the best hunting in the United States. As the season of fall approaches (and the cold weather) in the year 2015,  I embark on one of my yearly visits to God's country. One of the most exciting parts of this hunting trip is arriving to the Buck Headquarters. Headquarters is located on the most southern part of the woods and inside you will see the best sight if you are a true hunter. On all four walls you will see the best trophy bucks and turkey that were hunted in these woods. Once I step foot in the Buck Headquarters, all the hunters gather around and plan the morning hunt. As opening morning of deer season begins, the hunters wake up at 5 a.m. to walk very quietly through the woods to their assigned tree stands. My tree stand on opening morning was deep in the heart of the woods and us hunters refer to this stand as the Eagle's Nest. Wisconsin deer hunting regulations prohibit any hunting shots to be fired before sunrise, so as the minute strikes 7:00 a.m. the sound of gunfire spreads throughout the woods. Two minutes pass by and my heart begins to race because an 8 point buck runs nearly 30 yards from by location. I clap my hands one single time to shock the buck hoping it would stop running, and it does! I raise my shotgun and pull the trigger taking down the biggest buck of all hunters on opening morning!

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